Programing Divison

We can provide web solutions for your small-business no matter what your needs are, please take time and review our options. We have many packages to conform to what you need from a full start up, to just maintaining an existing one.

1. Start Up(Domain Registration*, Site creation, Graphics**,10 internal pages, uploading, 10 updates per month***)\\$250 USD

2. Matain An Existing Site(20 updates per month)\\$35 USD

3. Overhaul on an Existing Site(Graphics**, Clean up code, New look, New features)\\$50 USD

These combinations are negotable and are more for your reference, please contact me for more information.

*You are responsible for paying monthly fees to the domain registeration company, we recommend

**Graphics are custom made by Matrix Graphics Division

***Can be up-graded

Contact Programing Division